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High School Football Players Suffer Consequences for Locker Room Antics

In Minnesota at Elk River there are a few suffering the consequences of their actions.  Four Players will be kicked off the varsity team, two players will miss four games, and two players will miss one game.

Hazing Incidents

The players were involved in what is being called hazing incidents.  I understand that things can be viewed in different ways and that sometimes things aren’t what they seem. I even get that stuff that seems like something small might be construed as big things to the people directly involved.

ACT becomes mandatory for North Carolina High School Students

is trying to shake things up a bit.  I guess some will call it one more way to get data on students, teachers, and schools.  While that may be true it may also be the way to get some students interested in attending a college or university.  This year, most eleventh grade students in will take the .

What is ACT?

High School Students Build Houses

Some at C.M. Russell and Great Falls in are going to be building houses this year.  Each group will build one house.  They are students in an industrial technology class and an industrial arts class at each school, respectively.   The students spent last year learning how to calculate quantities for building supplies, building stairs, and learning about the home building process. 

Partnering with Community Projects

They are partnering with to build the two three bedroom, two bath homes with two car detached garages. The students seem excited and I’m sure the community is as well.  The homes will be sold to income-qualified families.