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In Indiana They’re Working To Keep Kids In School

Jamie Pittman is used to asking people tough questions during job interviews.  Pittman is the director of nursing at The Indiana Heart Hospital, but a couple times a month she is a volunteer mentor with the Marion County Commission on Youth.

Taking time from her busy schedule, according to an article by the  Associated Press, Pittman hopes to change someone’s future by not only teaching them job seeking skills, but by, also, increasing the odds that they will from high .

I Care

To achieve that goal the commission on youth recently launched I Care, an initiative aimed at reaching out to businesses to encourage volunteering and support for .

Teachers’ Pension Problem – Who Will Pay?

sunDo you remember the first time you heard about the subprime mortgage problem?  Probably, like a lot of us, you just shrugged and thought, “that will correct it self…what’s the worse that can happen?”  Well, get ready because the pensions problem is growing and is threatening the fiscal health of many states and could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Today there is an almost $500 billion shortfall for funding teacher pensions, and that gap, according to Andrew J. Rotherham of, is growing.  Why should we care?  Because taxpayers are on the hook for that money.

How are immigrant families faring in our educational system?

We all know that our country is a melting pot.  But did you know other “rich” countries are, too?  Have you ever wondered about the educational system and how it handles the constant influx of different languages and cultures?  Is the United States succeeding in educating this niche group when it is compared to other countries with similar numbers of immigrants?


Who’s To Blame When Illinois Juniors Aren’t Ready For College?

I have to admit that I was surprised by a recent Chicago Tribune study that said that eight of 10 public high juniors in Illinois aren’t ready for classes in all subjects.  I don’t think that I’m naive, but I found that number to be mind boggling.  What does this study say about public high schools in the State of Illinois?

The ACT Scores Are In

The newspaper calculated college readiness figures from student ACT scores that were released for the first time under a Freedom of Information Act request.

Can You Graduate From College Debt Free?

Sure, you can from debt free…if you win the lottery, or if some long lost relative leaves you their fortune…but is it possible for the average kid to from college without any debt or help from his parents?

Zac Bisosonnette, a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and author of the book U:  How I Paid For an Outstanding College Without Loans, Scholarships, or Mooching Off My Parents, says that you can.

Are You Ready for This?

What’s A Kid Got To Do To Get An “F” In This Place?

I’ll admit that I was not an “A” student in every class.  I excelled in the classes that I enjoyed (English, history and literature) and suffered in math and science classes.  One thing that did keep me motivated in my math and science classes was the fact that if I didn’t attempt to apply myself I could get a big, red “F” on an assignment or test.  A “C” (while not an “A”) was certainly preferable to bringing home an “F.”

No More “F’s”

High school in San Fernando Valley decides to take charge of educating its students

There is a in that was in a low income area and one of the district’s lowest achieving schools.  The population in the school consisted of many still learning the English language, many parents of the had not graduated from , and half of the ninth graders did not .  Sounds pretty grim, doesn’t it?  However this is also where many wonderful, effective, and caring work.  who work here do more than just show up for a paycheck.  The who work here really care about the students and the community.

Teachers at all Levels Worry about Job Safety

What is you were given the pink slip at your job?  You’d most likely start looking for a new one, right?  What if it happened like this though.  You were given your walking papers, so you searched for a job, then your old employer calls and he offers you your job back.  I assume you’d celebrate (if it were a job you were happy doing).  Then it happens again the next year.  You job is cut, you search for a new one, and then your old is offered to you again.  Wow.  What a roller coaster of emotions you would go through.  This is what is happening to like Gretchen Marfisi, a 27 year veteran art .

Los Angeles Unified School District builds pricey new school

I keep hearing about all of the that are losing their because there is not enough money to employ them.  I keep hearing that there is not enough money being given to educational institutions so that they can properly run tutoring programs or offer additional courses for advanced .  I hear of schools being shut down and districts consolidating buildings to try to save some money.

New , No Funds

Stop The Bullying!

I ask myself why does it happen…I ask myself when will it stop…I ask myself what can I do…and I can’t find an answer for any of these questions when I’m faced with the senseless deaths of five gay young people.  It makes me so sad to think that these young men were taunted, brutalized and bullied until they thought that the only way to escape the torment was to end their lives.  What kind of society do we live in when innocent kids are gone, but their tormentors go unpunished?

It Gets Better