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Real Men Do Wear Pink!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the color pink was everywhere to remind of us this awful illness.  You couldn’t miss seeing pink because it was everywhere.  Even MLB players and NFL teams showed their support by wearing pink wristbands, pink edged hats and even pink cleats.  Everywhere you looked there it was…pink was the “new” black.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

So, tell me how could Chris Peterson, head coach at Mendenhall (Mississippi) High School kick Coy Shepard, the teams 17 year old placekicker, off of the team for wearing a pair of pink cleats to practice?  Is he heartless?  Is he stupid?

Who’s To Blame When Illinois Juniors Aren’t Ready For College?

I have to admit that I was surprised by a recent Chicago Tribune study that said that eight of 10 public juniors in Illinois aren’t ready for classes in all subjects.  I don’t think that I’m naive, but I found that number to be mind boggling.  What does this study say about public high schools in the State of Illinois?

The ACT Scores Are In

The newspaper calculated college readiness figures from student ACT scores that were released for the first time under a Freedom of Information Act request.

What’s A Kid Got To Do To Get An “F” In This Place?

I’ll admit that I was not an “A” student in every class.  I excelled in the classes that I enjoyed (English, history and literature) and suffered in math and science classes.  One thing that did keep me motivated in my math and science classes was the fact that if I didn’t attempt to apply myself I could get a big, red “F” on an assignment or test.  A “C” (while not an “A”) was certainly preferable to bringing home an “F.”

No More “F’s”

Los Angeles Unified School District builds pricey new school

I keep hearing about all of the that are losing their jobs because there is not enough money to employ them.  I keep hearing that there is not enough money being given to educational institutions so that they can properly run tutoring programs or offer additional courses for advanced .  I hear of schools being shut down and districts consolidating buildings to try to save some money.

New , No Funds

High School Students Build Houses

Some at C.M. Russell and Great Falls in are going to be building houses this year.  Each group will build one house.  They are students in an industrial technology class and an industrial arts class at each , respectively.   The students spent last year learning how to calculate quantities for building supplies, building stairs, and learning about the home building process. 

Partnering with Community Projects

They are partnering with to build the two three bedroom, two bath homes with two car detached garages. The students seem excited and I’m sure the community is as well.  The homes will be sold to income-qualified families.