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Below you will find detailed information about Delphian School. Various contact information and statistics are provided for Delphian School which is located in Sheridan, Oregon.

Delphian School contact info Contact Info:
Delphian School
20950 SW Rock Creek Rd
Sheridan, OR 97378


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Yamhill County

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Compare to Other High Schools

Student Teacher Ratio Comparison

National Max8600
National Avg16.3
National Min0.1
OR Max96
OR Avg20
OR Min0.4

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Delphian School has a student to teacher ratio of 5.0

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Delphian School statistics High School Statistics

Delphian School Enrollment
Total Enrollment: 237
Rank Nationally: 957 out of 9,745
Rank in OR: 29 out of 143

Delphian School Students by Grade
9th: 38
10th: 37
11th: 38
12th: 61

Delphian School Students by Ethnicity
American Indian: 0 (0%)
Asian: 52 (22%)
Black: 1 (0%)
Hispanic: 1 (0%)
White: 180 (76%)

Delphian School Student to Teacher Statistics
Pupil/Teacher Ratio: 5
Student/Teacher Rank in Oregon: 4 of 143
Full Time Teachers: 38
Rank in Oregon: 8 of 143

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