Cabell Midland High School

Below you will find detailed information about Cabell Midland High School. Various contact information and statistics are provided for Cabell Midland High School which is located in Ona, West Virginia.

Cabell Midland High School contact info Contact Info:
Cabell Midland High School
2300 Us Route 60 East
Ona, WV 25545


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Cabell Midland High School County
Cabell County

Cabell Midland High School Phone Number
(304) 743-7400

Cabell Midland High School District
Cabell County School District

Compare to Other High Schools

Student Teacher Ratio Comparison

National Max8600
National Avg16.3
National Min0.1
WV Max30.5
WV Avg13.8
WV Min0.1

Free and Reduced Lunch Comparison

National Max100%
National Avg43%
National Min0%
WV Max97%
WV Avg46%
WV Min15%

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Cabell Midland High School has a student to teacher ratio of 16.4

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Cabell Midland High School statistics High School Statistics

Cabell Midland High School Enrollment
Total Enrollment: 1857
Rank Nationally: 1,019 out of 33,662
Rank in WV: 1 out of 198

Cabell Midland High School Students by Grade
9th: 499
10th: 475
11th: 437
12th: 446

Cabell Midland High School Students by Gender
Male: 937 (50%)
Female: 920 (50%)

Cabell Midland High School Students by Ethnicity
American Indian: 1 (0%)
Asian: 12 (1%)
Black: 33 (2%)
Hispanic: 10 (1%)
White: 1796 (97%)

Cabell Midland High School Student to Teacher Statistics
Pupil/Teacher Ratio: 16.4
Student/Teacher Rank in West Virginia: 73 of 198
Full Time Teachers: 113
Rank in West Virginia: 4 of 198

Cabell Midland High School Students by Lunch Assistance
Free Lunch Eligible: 498 (27%)
Reduced-Price Lunch Eligible: 129 (7%)
Combined Free or Reduced: 627 (34%)
Rank in West Virginia: 9 of 198

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