Florida Catholic High Schools

A listing of Florida catholic high schools.

School Type City Students Student to Teacher Ratio
Rhodora J Donahue Academy Private Ave Maria, FL 240 14.0
Pope John Paul Ii High School Private Boca Raton, FL 474 12.0
Clearwater Central Catholic High School Private Clearwater, FL 462 17.0
Father Lopez Catholic High School Private Daytona Beach, FL 346 15.0
Cardinal Gibbons High School Private Fort Lauderdale, FL 1,128 19.0
St Thomas Aquinas High School Private Fort Lauderdale, FL 2,190 18.0
Bishop Verot Catholic High School Private Fort Myers, FL 636 16.0
Father Anglim Academy At Dreams Are Free Private Fort Myers, FL 72 8.0
John Carroll High School Private Fort Pierce, FL 411 13.0
St Francis Catholic High School Private Gainesville, FL 242 13.0
Champagnat Catholic School Private Hialeah, FL 338 15.0
Chaminade Madonna College Preparatory Private Hollywood, FL 567 14.0
Bishop John J Snyder High School Private Jacksonville, FL 466 15.0
Bishop Kenny High School Private Jacksonville, FL 1,236 19.0
Morning Star School Private Jacksonville, FL 112 9.0
Central Catholic High School Private Melbourne, FL 375 11.0
Sancta Familia Academy Private Melbourne, FL 33 5.0
Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School Private Miami, FL 481 13.0
Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School Private Miami, FL 316 11.0
Belen Jesuit Prep School Private Miami, FL 1,467 12.0
Christopher Columbus High School Private Miami, FL 1,380 20.0
Immaculata-la Salle High School Private Miami, FL 758 15.0
Our Lady Of Lourdes Academy Private Miami, FL 817 12.0
St Brendan Catholic High School Private Miami, FL 1,165 16.0
Marian Center School & Services Private Miami Gardens, FL 102 25.0
Monsignor Edward Pace High School Private Miami Gardens, FL 918 17.0
St John Neumann Catholic High School Private Naples, FL 216 10.0
Trinity Catholic High School Private Ocala, FL 517 14.0
Bishop Moore Catholic High School Private Orlando, FL 1,134 16.0
Morning Star Catholic School Private Orlando, FL 52 7.0
Pensacola Catholic High School Private Pensacola, FL 570 16.0
Morning Star School Private Pinellas Park, FL 33 7.0
Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School Private Sarasota, FL 475 14.0
Archbishop Edward Mccarthy High School Private Southwest Ranches, FL 1,522 21.0
Bishop Mclaughlin Catholic High School Private Spring Hill, FL 244 11.0
St Joseph Academy Private St. Augustine, FL 251 14.0
St Petersburg Catholic High School Private St. Petersburg, FL 462 14.0
The School Of The Immaculata Private St. Petersburg, FL 111 12.0
John Paul Ii Catholic High School Private Tallahassee, FL 119 8.0
Academy Of The Holy Names Private Tampa, FL 786 12.0
Jesuit High School Private Tampa, FL 733 13.0
Morning Star Catholic School Tampa Private Tampa, FL 72 6.0
Tampa Catholic High School Private Tampa, FL 666 14.0
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Data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics. The data displayed is compiled from the most recent sources available. For public schools this is the 2012-2013 school year. For private schools this is the 2011-2012 school year.

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