Montana Coed High Schools

A listing of Montana coed high schools listed by city.

School Type City Students Student to Teacher Ratio
Northwest Indian Bible School Private Alberton, MT 25 5.0
St Labre Indian Catholic School Private Ashland, MT 674 7.0
Billings Central Catholic High School Private Billings, MT 347 11.0
Billings Christian Schools Private Billings, MT 136 8.0
Billings Educational Academy Private Billings, MT 5 1.0
New Day Private Billings, MT 70 10.0
Yellowstone Academy Private Billings, MT 32 1.0
Bozeman Christian Private Bozeman, MT 49 49.0
Heritage Christian School Private Bozeman, MT 151 10.0
Petra Academy Private Bozeman, MT 119 8.0
Cuts Wood School Private Browning, MT 24 9.0
Straight Arrow School Private Browning, MT 2 2.0
Butte Central Catholic High School Private Butte, MT 133 11.0
Helena Christian School Private East Helena, MT 192 11.0
The Thomas More Schools Private Emigrant, MT 12 3.0
Lustre Christian High School Private Frazer, MT 29 5.0
Foothills Community Christian School Private Great Falls, MT 164 10.0
Great Falls Central Catholic High School Private Great Falls, MT 102 9.0
Treasure State Academy Private Great Falls, MT 37 7.0
Last Chance Academy Private Helena, MT 4 1.0
St Andrew School Private Helena, MT 191 13.0
Monarch School Private Heron, MT 60 5.0
Rocky Mountain Education Private Kalispell, MT 3 2.0
Stillwater Christian School Private Kalispell, MT 289 12.0
Summit Preparatory School Private Kalispell, MT 38 5.0
Manhattan Christian School Private Manhattan, MT 318 12.0
Montana Academy Private Marion, MT 96 11.0
Lighthouse Baptist Academy Private Missoula, MT 13 4.0
Valley Christian School Private Missoula, MT 227 11.0
Mission Valley Christian Academy Private Polson, MT 116 16.0
Liberty Christian School Private Sidney, MT 25 8.0
Pinehaven Christian Childrens Ranch Private St. Ignatius, MT 34 8.0
Turning Winds Academic Institute Private Troy, MT 55 13.0
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Data on U.S. Public High Schools & Private High Schools

Data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics. The data displayed is compiled from the most recent sources available. For public schools this is the 2012-2013 school year. For private schools this is the 2011-2012 school year.

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