New Jersey All-Male High Schools

A listing of New Jersey all male high schools.

School Type City Students Student to Teacher Ratio
Talmudical Academy Of New Jersey Private Adelphia, NJ 55 8.0
Bonnie Brae School Private Basking Ridge, NJ 83 5.0
Mesivta Keser Torah Private Belmar, NJ 42 3.0
Delaware Valley Torah Institute Private Cherry Hill, NJ 15 3.0
Mesivta Of Clifton Private Clifton, NJ 76 8.0
Rabbi Jacob Joseph Yeshiva Private Edison, NJ 92 14.0
Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy Private Elizabeth, NJ 222 9.0
Yeshiva Ohr Hatalmud Of Englewood Private Englewood, NJ 47 7.0
Yeshiva Tiferes Naftoli Of Central New Jersey Private Jamesburg, NJ 30 3.0
St Peters Preparatory School Private Jersey City, NJ 954 14.0
Mesivta Of Lakewood Private Lakewood, NJ 350 19.0
Mikor Hatorah Private Lakewood, NJ 53 7.0
Yeshiva Bais Pinchos Private Lakewood, NJ 71 10.0
Yeshiva Birchas Chaim Private Lakewood, NJ 72 11.0
Yeshiva Chayei Olam Private Lakewood, NJ 66 9.0
Yeshiva Gedolah Meor Hatorah Private Lakewood, NJ 89 10.0
Yeshiva K'tana Of Lakewood Private Lakewood, NJ 849 23.0
Yeshiva Keren Hatorah Private Lakewood, NJ 130 22.0
Yeshiva Oros Yisroel Private Lakewood, NJ 24 1.0
Yeshiva Shaarei Orah Private Lakewood, NJ 62 8.0
Yeshiva Toras Chaim Private Lakewood, NJ 171 16.0
Yeshiva Yesodei Hatorah Private Lakewood, NJ 62 10.0
Yeshivas Emek Hatorah Private Lakewood, NJ 57 17.0
Yeshivas Ohr Yissochor Private Lakewood, NJ 28 4.0
Christian Brothers Academy Private Lincroft, NJ 955 13.0
Ma'or Yeshiva High School For Boys Private Long Branch, NJ 52 9.0
St Joseph High School Private Metuchen, NJ 762 12.0
St Joseph Regional High School Private Montvale, NJ 497 17.0
Delbarton School Private Morristown, NJ 550 6.0
Ohr Yosef Torah High School Private New Milford, NJ 37 4.0
Yeshivas Ohr Yosef Private New Milford, NJ 37 6.0
St Benedict's Preparatory School Private Newark, NJ 561 27.0
Mesivta Tiferes Rav Zvi Aryeh Zemel Private Passaic, NJ 108 9.0
Don Bosco Prep High School Private Ramsey, NJ 910 17.0
St Augustine Preparatory School Private Richland, NJ 682 14.0
Oratory Preparatory School Private Summit, NJ 292 10.0
Karasick Shalem High School At Tabc Private Teaneck, NJ 14 2.0
Torah Academy Of Bergen County Private Teaneck, NJ 283 9.0
Mount Saint Joseph Childrens Center Private Totowa, NJ 25 4.0
Learning Institute Of Union City Private Union City, NJ 83 4.0
Somerset Hills School Private Warren, NJ 96 4.0
Seton Hall Preparatory School Private West Orange, NJ 951 14.0
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Data on U.S. Public High Schools & Private High Schools

Data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics. The data displayed is compiled from the most recent sources available. For public schools this is the 2012-2013 school year. For private schools this is the 2011-2012 school year.

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