Pennsylvania All-Male High Schools

Map of Pennsylvania All-Male High Schools

School Type City Students Student to Teacher Ratio
St Gabriels Hall Private Audubon, PA 146 4.0
De La Salle Vocational School Private Bensalem, PA 115 7.0
Holy Ghost Prep Private Bensalem, PA 467 13.0
Outside In School Private Bolivar, PA 46 5.0
Southwood School Private Bridgeville, PA 30 8.0
Academy Of The New Church Boys School Private Bryn Athyn, PA 120 8.0
Gregory The Great Academy Private Canadensis, PA 47 4.0
Southwood School Private Canonsburg, PA 43 7.0
Prospect Grove High School Private Columbia, PA 36 7.0
Devon Preparatory School Private Devon, PA 271 6.0
Cathedral Preparatory School Private Erie, PA 555 14.0
Visionquest-big Lodge Private Franklin, PA 50 10.0
Harborcreek Youth Services Private Harborcreek, PA 57 7.0
The Haverford School Private Haverford, PA 978 6.0
Malvern Preparatory School Private Malvern, PA 642 8.0
The Phelps School Private Malvern, PA 99 5.0
Bald Eagle Wilderness Boys Camp School Private Mill Hall, PA 37 3.0
Carson Long Military Academy Private New Bloomfield, PA 81 4.0
Father Judge High School Private Philadelphia, PA 873 19.0
Roman Catholic High School Private Philadelphia, PA 953 21.0
St Joseph's Preparatory School Private Philadelphia, PA 884 14.0
Talmudical Yeshiva Of Philadelphia Private Philadelphia, PA 109 17.0
Central Catholic High School Private Pittsburgh, PA 857 15.0
The Kiski School Private Saltsburg, PA 205 11.0
Milton Eisner Yeshiva High School Private Scranton, PA 61 12.0
Valley Forge Military Academy Private Wayne, PA 262 11.0
La Salle College High School Private Wyndmoor, PA 1,108 11.0
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Data on U.S. Public High Schools & Private High Schools

Data provided by the National Center for Education Statistics. The data displayed is compiled from the most recent sources available. For public schools this is the 2015-2016 school year. For private schools this is the 2015-2016 school year.

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