Create Your Perfect Study Space

You're not working in a classroom. That's a good thing because it offers you the flexibility of learning anywhere you can get an internet connection. Most homes, coffee shops and libraries aren't designed the way an instructor would set up a classroom, though. To really get the most out of your courses and classes, you need to find out how to make your own space the best fit for your learning style.

First, you need to get a handle on what your learning style is. For what's likely a majority of students, a quiet space is critical to help with focus. There are others who need the white noise of music or even a television to ignore. Make sure that your space fits either case. You can use headphones with noise-canceling both inside the house and out for both options (for quiet, just unplug them).

Where is another big issue. If you plan on working outside of the home you should check out a number of different options, including libraries, coffee shops, and even community centers. One key consideration is whether or not you have pets or family. This may limit your options to a much smaller radius.

Another important aspect is organization. You need to have your stuff where it's accessible. That may mean doing a little bit of redecoration. A good desk is a great idea, as are filing organizers and a printer (you may want to do some offline reading). Many online learners are also working and may even have a family. So you need to find a way to make sure that if an emergency happens, or a diaper needs to be changed, that you can quickly get back on track.

Speaking of family and work. Trying to fit online learning into that is not quite part of creating a school-space, but it's related. You need to establish boundaries around your desk and work so it doesn't get apple juice spilled on it. You also want to make sure that your space won't be beset by distractions during the time you can do work, or when you work best.

If you can reach most of those goals for the place you plan on taking courses, you're well on your way to success in online learning.

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