Starting Your Career Between Classes

A lot of teens from various backgrounds found out senior year that their extracurriculars and honor societies weren't going to be quite up to snuff to get into the colleges or universities that they wanted to. Unless parents got them on track, or teachers and guidance counselors took an interest in them, it might not happen. Maybe you were one of those, but if you're looking to get on track, this is a fresh start. Even if you're here because you are considering online high schools for yourself or a family member, there are still things to consider.

The Job You Have Needs to Be a Midpoint to the Next One

You went back to school to try and move forward in your career. It's also likely that you have a part-time or full-time job. Unfortunately your degree isn't going to be enough for many of the jobs you might want. Instead, you have to build the experience section of your resume, as well. If you can think of any positions that are in-between your old job and new job, like office administrator for a nurse who wants to be an MBA, try to switch. Volunteering is also an option, although your schedule is likely pretty tight. Instead, see if you can't get your boss to give you projects or assignments that can get you towards where you want to be.

Network, Network and Then Talk Some More

There isn't an article about careers and job hunting that doesn't include networking. If it feels trite, it shouldn't be. Too many jobs get filled internally, or by recommendations of other employees. Find out if your school has an alumni association and start making contact. Many of your professors may also be experts in your field who have recently retired or who work part-time. They can be resources outside of the classroom. Finally any membership organizations in the area should be on your weekly to-do list.

Get It Wrong Once or Twice When It Doesn't Matter

Non-paying internships might not be a possibility for you if income is a major concern. At the same time, you're also trying to nail down what career is right for you. Part of getting a degree is eliminating jobs that require your degree but that bore you or don't fit your skills. So take summer jobs or part-time work early on and figure that out. Once you do, you can focus more on the specific areas that make the most sense and build direct experience.

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