Keeping Facts Straight Online

You already are on your laptop, desktop or even tablet to go over readings and watch any lectures. Considering there aren't very many options to work with people in-person, you may be missing out on study groups and having peers review your work if you take an online learning program. That can be a critical component of reinforcing anything you're learning or coming up with new ideas. The good news is that the corporate world has the same problem and you can take advantage of some of those same tools.

Google Docs, Skype and Others

We aren't trying to hype any one program over the others. Any service that allows for presentation, spreadsheet and document editing can help you work on group projects. It can also help you if you meet someone from class in an online chat and want them to review a project. While there are many, one advantage of Google's service is that multiple people can edit it in real-time.

In addition, using Skype can help you connect with students all over the world, including with voice and video options. Again, there are a number of options, but you want to set up one that's popular so you have numerous options, especially throughout the United States or abroad.

Finding Others Online

It's not just your classmates that you can connect to online, of course. You can use a number of social networking sites to get in touch with other people taking similar courses or even in your major. Professional sites like LinkedIn may even be an option. While you don't want to waste people's times with a 101 course, trying to come up with ideas for a capstone project or thesis can be easier with help.

Helping Others

There are a number of sites that use community suggestions to answer topics. Even Wikipedia needs volunteers to create pages and topics. Most people wouldn't think about it, but you can use those same tools that, hopefully, you aren't using for all of your research.

Instead, see if you can put your knowledge to use. Look up Wikipedia pages related to recent lectures and readings. Where citations are missing, see if you can't hunt down quality links. Even if you don't add your own edits this can still help you retain more information. Just make sure you pay attention to any discussions about them.

Summing Up

There are a number of ways that you can work with others online, even if you're not in a library or classroom. These should just be a starting point for you. Part of online learning is maintaining communication, so whatever strategy you choose, keep it up.

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