LOLCats, Memes and Moving From Silly Stuff to a Career

If the first two words meant nothing to you, hold on tight. If you do know what they are, awesome. A lot of ridiculous pictures on the internet are people editing photos to add captions or stitch images together. It can be pretty funny, and if you've ever laughed at one, you probably tried to figure out how to do it on your own. No matter how good the result was, what if you could get a job with it?

It's not a joke. Basic photo editing is one of the key pillars of graphics and web design. If you know what you're doing, you can make tens of thousands of dollars building websites for people. The same thing applies for logo design and other things that businesses always need. Even if you aren't very creative, you don't have to miss out: the majority of design (and writing) is improving on the ideas of others. It's the old adage that no art is new.

Will it cost you a fortune? No. If you're reading this, you already have access to a computer. You can get a start checking out some tutorials on the internet. But, while the creative fields generally focus more on your work than education, those just starting out will benefit from being able to show that they learned their skills in a more structured environment. Don't start looking at FAFSAs or Stafford loans or Pell grants, though. An online certificate program will do just fine.

After all, you have to do the work on your computer to begin with. Doing light coding while you chat with a teacher is no different than sitting in a lab as he or she makes their way around. So, online should work well for most people, especially given the ability to share screenshots and the flexibility that it allows. Why a certificate program over an associates or bachelor's degree? Cost versus need.

Once you get a portfolio together of sites you've build, you'll find that clients and agencies won't care whether you went to the Rhode Island School of Design or read a couple For Dummies books. The biggest roadblock is entry-level, and an online certificate program is a less expensive, simpler option of breaking through.

So if you want to have the skills to do more than just make LOLCats, take a look at online certificate programs in graphic or web design today. You can always make silly gifs after work, on a faster computer you'll now be able to buy with the better income.

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